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Jordan 07/09/2022

Heat and drought impact crop yield in Jordan

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Jordan recorded temperatures 12 to 15°C higher than normal and a lack of water resources which will cause a sharp drop in crop yields.
According to Jordanian media who interviewed fruit and vegetable producers, the heat wave is causing a sharp drop in crop yields. The latest estimates predict tomato production down at least 50% from the previous year, apricot production down 70%, grape production down 50%, pepper production down down 50%.
The heat wave was accompanied by a lack of water resources. The water available for irrigation barely covered 25% of farmers' needs.
The heat and the lack of water have also caused the postponement of sowing and planting which will lead to a later harvest season. Thus, farmers in the southern Jordan Valley have decided to postpone the tomato plantings they had planned from August to the end of September.
Moreover, the rapid increase in production costs (seeds, fertilizers, energy) is aggravating the situation and could contribute to a phenomenal rise in prices for the Jordanian consumer.
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Significant drop in national production in Jordan. Fruits and vegetables will be rarer and more expensive for the Jordanian consumer (Photo: pinterest/food-market-jordan-map).
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