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Pakistan 14/09/2022

Pakistan seeks to import 13,000 tons of onions

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Devastating floods have destroyed thousands of hectares in Pakistan. To curb price inflation, the Pakistani government has issued import permits for 13,000 tons of onions.
To compensate for the lack of domestic production, affected by huge monsoon rains that flooded most of the country's crops, and to curb price inflation, the government issued duty-free import permits of 13 000 tons of onions.
Pakistani importers have agreements with exporters based in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China and Egypt. The first shipments have already left some of these countries and should reach Pakistan quickly.
Imports of onions and tomatoes from Iran and Afghanistan have already started.
These first arrivals should make it possible to slow down the rise and stabilize prices on the domestic market.
In Pakistan the onion is grown on about 131,400 hectares with a production of 1.8 million tons.
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In Pakistan, onion crops are destroyed in several of the most important production areas (Photo:
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