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India 27/10/2022

India has doubled the volume of its fresh fruit imports

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According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, India imported a record volume of fresh fruits which represented an increase of +100.57% compared to the previous year.
In calendar year 2021, according to a Fresh Intelligence analysis based on Ministry of Commerce data, India imported 721,493 tonnes of fresh fruits, up 100.57% from the 359,716 tonnes imported l 'last year.
Among the most imported fruits are apples, grapes, berries, tangerines, pomelos and other citrus fruits.
Over the past 2 decades, imports have increased from virtually zero in 2002 to 721,496 tons in 2021. Mainly destined for the wealthy classes in large cities, these imported fruits have gained popularity among the middle classes due to the increase in income and lifestyle changes. Industry analysts believe this trend will continue.
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India imported 721,493 tonnes of fresh fruit, or +100.57% compared to the previous year (Photo:
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