02/05/2019 | China

INTERPOMA CHINA Congress, the new benchmark for the apple sector

The 3rd edition of the Interpoma China Congress was held in Shanghai. The format, exported from Fiera Bolzano to China, gave a complete view of the sector and confirmed the event as the new benchmark for the apple sector.
The event took place in Shanghai from April 15th to 17th. Under the title "China and Apples in the World" the congress counted 12 presentations to more than 250 delegates, with speakers from China, New Zealand, Switzerland and Italy.
China is the world's largest apple producer with 41 390 000 tonnes of apples grown in 2017 on an area of ​​2.22 million hectares. In the country, apple consumption increased by 70% in 11 years, from 25.12 million tonnes to 43.5 million tonnes. With an annual per capita consumption of 31.4 kg, China's total consumption accounts for more than half of the global market, with China now the world's largest consumer of apples.
"It is essential to promote a real transformation of the Chinese apple industry through a transition from traditional production methods to modern farming techniques, which means that we must reduce the use of resources such as water, soil , fertilizers, pesticides and work, increase the use of technology and mechanization, respect the environment in a context of eco-sustainability, increase productivity and therefore profitability "explained in his speech Cheng Cungang, Research Institute of Pomology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences National Apple Breeding Center.



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