26/06/2019 | Indonesia

Live From Guangzhou Fruit Expo: China Opens the Dragon Fruit Market From Indonesia

Indonesia is already exporting some of its products (banana, longan, salak ...) to China, which has recently accepted the entry of an additional product, the dragon fruit.
An export protocol was signed on April 25 between the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture and the General Customs Administration of China concerning dragon fruit. The first cargoes are set to arrive in China shortly.
The dragon fruit is one of the main products from Indonesia. Its exports in 2018 amounted to 76,127 tons. The government's goal is to increase these exports by increasing production and opening new markets.
With the mangosteen that has just seen the reopening of the Chinese market after 5 years of absence, and the dragon fruit that has come in, Indonesia now has 5 products exported to China: mangosteen, dragon fruit, banana, salak .
The Indonesian government hopes that a similar protocol can be put in place soon, for the export of fresh pineapple.



source : republika.co.id, aceh.antaranews.com

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