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United Arab Emirates 17/10/2018

Dubai to build the world's largest vertical farm

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The cooperation between Dubai South / Crop One Holdings / EFC (Emirates Flight Catering) will allow the construction of the largest vertical farm in the world. With an area of 130,000 sq ft (12,077 m2) the planned investment is approximately 40 million USD.
The vertical farm will be located in South Dubai, close to the airport, allowing fast delivery to airlines of high quality products. Construction is expected to begin in November and last about a year. The first products are expected to be delivered to Emirates Flight Catering customers, including 105 airlines and 25 airport lounges, in December 2019.
The vertical farm is expected to produce 2,700 kg of leafy greens, no herbicides and no pesticides every day, using 99% less water than traditional farms.



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The vertical farm will be able to supply fresh produce to Emirates Flight Catering customers. (photo: Crop One Holdings)
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