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Spain 26/03/2019

New progress for ANECOOP

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Since its creation in 1975, ANECOOP has become one of the largest international fruit and vegetable distribution companies. At its annual general meeting ANECOOP presented the figures for the 2017-18 fiscal year, whose turnover exceeded 700 million euros (+ 6% compared to the previous year).
ANECOOP currently integrates 70 cooperatives and partner companies in the production of fruits, vegetables and wines. ANECOOP coordinates and markets the production of its partners. On March 15, the general assembly gathered more than 300 partners for the presentation of the figures for the 2017-18 fiscal year.
For the 2017-18 season, ANECOOP has exceeded 812,000 tonnes in marketed volume (-2.8% compared to the previous year) and the 700 million euros of turnover (+ 6% compared to the previous year). Consolidation of all companies in the group is close to one million tonnes sold and exceeds 900 million euros in sales.
Citrus fruits are the 1st group of products. With the entry of FRUITS DE PONENT the stone fruit offer is more extensive, both in varieties and in calendar. The vegetable group grew and recorded the strongest growth at 10.5%. Organic products continue to grow, with growth of 26.6% over the previous year. Organic products already represent 3% by volume of the ANECOOP offer and nearly 7% of its turnover.
ANECOOP currently exports to 70 countries. The EU market accounts for just over 92% of sales. France is in the lead with 197,000 tonnes sold, the 2nd largest market of ANECOOP is the national market (around 162,000 tonnes) and the third is Germany with 151,000 tonnes sold.


source : anecoop com



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For the 2017-18 campaign, ANECOOP has exceeded 812,000 tonnes in sales volume and 700 million euros in sales (+ 6%).
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