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MAF RODA lattest innovations shown at Macfrut

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MAF RODA the French manufacturer in sorting lines has been exhibiting its last innovations during the Macfrut show in Italy. had the opportunity to meet there with Mr Fabrice Blanc, Export Sales Director who explained strengths of last innovative equipments presented.
In Macfrut 2019, Fruit packers had the opportunity to see diverse equipments.
Uniway 76  reach 900 fruits/minute”
Uniway 76 has been specially realized for small fruits as apricots, plums, peaches, nectarins, kiwis…This machine performs with a 1 chain - 1 line conveyor belt slipping fruits on both sides. Main strength of this machine is its high capacity, it can reach up to 900 units/minute/lane. It also benefits from the new optical-sorting platform : “Quality Globalscan 7”. As Mr Fabrice Blanc underlines:
“Improvements made on both optical technology and mechanical part enable Uniway 76 to reach up to 900 units per minute (15 u/seconds) when most machines are blocked at 600 units/minute (10 u/second).”
Already 100 units of “Globalscan 7” sold !”
Among innovations exhibited, the “Globalscan 7” is MAF RODA lattest platform for quality sorting, Mr Fabrice Blanc explains that this platform has been immediately plebescited by existing customers.
“We sold up to 100 units of this technology launched 1 year ago, which gives you an idea of the success met.”
This optical technology is mainly used for apples, citrus, kiwis, stone fruits, tomatoes, avocadoes, cherries, blueberries, onions...
Fabrice Blanc explains: “A huge upgrade has been made in comparison with generation 6: we have a new line of cameras with extended definition, full spectrum camera, full HD images. Servers have also been improved. This platform offers better quality images, better image analyze that ameliorate detections reliability. All users recognize the quick operational control of the equipment with easy customization of the sorting, thanks to a very user-friendly software. And the system is operational from the first hour of use, unlike other solutions on the market.”
MAF RODA & the Blanc family have been involved in fruit business since 1905. Today this family business is a worldwide specialist of sorting line with tailored equipments adapted to packer needs. The group operates with 15 subsidiaries on 5 continents.
Tel.: +33 5 63 63 27 70
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Fabrice Blanc, Export Sales Director, explained strengths of last innovative equipments presented.
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