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France 05/07/2019

New promotional campaign on the French market for seedless watermelons BOUQUET

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A pioneer in the marketing of seedless watermelons, the company Anecoop launched this fruit for the first time on the European market more than 25 years ago, since then it occupies the No. 1 place with more than 100,000 tons marketed every year.
For the 3rd year in a row and with the aim of thanking French consumers for the confidence granted to BOUQUET seedless watermelons, the company has launched a promotional campaign with a "guaranteed gift": 1 watermelon bought = 1 guaranteed gift without draw fate.
A promotional label containing a code is affixed to each watermelon. This code can be exchanged on the platform for an experience to choose from in several categories (sport and adventure, beauty and health care, leisure and home items, gastronomy, children, hotel nights). The average value of all these experiences is greater than 30 euros.
The campaign began in June and continues until July 31st. The codes can however be exchanged by gifts until September 15th and are valid for 1 year.




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A promotional campaign on the market in the French market earns gifts to all buyers of BOUQUET seedless watermelon.
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