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Mango industry is moving further: fruit destruction during quality assurance officially becomes old-fashioned

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With new Mango Quality Meter able to measure dry matter and Brix in seconds labour methods is quickly becoming out-dated. Quality meter guarantees ZERO mango destruction and better crop analysis for fruit growers and distributors worldwide. This equipment will stop destruction of many volumes of fruit allowing owners to receive more profit from what should have been wasted.

Revolutionary Mango Quality Meter has been developed by Felix Instruments - Applied Food jointly with Kerry Walsh of Central Queensland University as well as Dr Jorge Osuna of INIFAP. Meter integrates with FruitMaps – a crop mapping application, that makes easier monitoring of mango crops in a non-invasive, non-destructive way.

The meter is set for official launch on July 30. Same day Felix Instruments is hosting a webinar to give users more information about the tool and its integration with Fruit Maps.

Scott Trimble, Marketing Director for Felix Instruments shares that he is extremely excited about this new tool, both for growers and distributors: “This is a significant technological advancement for the worldwide mango industry. Our goal has always been to help producers make better decisions at harvest. Utilizing the Mango Quality Meter means more actionable data, the ability to reduce time and labor, and the complete elimination of the need to destroy fruit for testing. These are huge steps for the industry."

Mr. Trimble, who recently spoke at the Australian Mango Industry Association conference about the new tool, explained that once the dry matter reading is taken, the data is transferred via Wi-Fi to a crop mapping application for analysis and sharing. With FruitMaps, growers can achieve a complete understanding of their crop’s maturity. Co-created with Central Queensland University, FruitMaps provides mapping and visualization of crop maturity, enabling growers to see how different regions and zones within their crop are progressing.

The meter's calibration and firmware were explicitly designed for dry matter and Brix readings. The unit is also highly portable, benefiting growers tremendously who have fields in various locations or regions.

Due to the high level of accuracy and speed the tool provides, the device is also generating a high level of demand among mango distributors. Switching from traditional methods to the Mango Quality Meter makes quality assurance a faster, more efficient process.

With the Avocado Quality Meter launched earlier this year, the Mango Quality Meter is the second in the Quality Meter line by Felix Instruments. Pre-orders for the Mango Quality Meter are now being taken.

To sign up for the webinar, go here – (July 30th 8 am and 8 pm PST)

To talk to an Application Scientist or request a quote on the Mango Quality Meter, call +1 (360) 833-8835 or email

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