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Viet Nam 06/09/2019

Live from Asia Fruit Logistica: Pitayas with 45 days shelf life at Cao Than Phat Import and Export Co.

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For easier distant exports, one of the largest Vietnamese fruit exporters, Cao Thanh Phat Import Export Co. has pitayas (dragon fruit) with 45 days shelf life.
Since its founding in 2009, Cao Thanh Phat Import Export Co. has grown to become one of Vietnam's largest exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables. Premium quality products, packaged and selected according to the rigorous requirements of the markets. The company has obtained GLOBALGAP and HACCP certifications, as well as US certifications.
Boasting extensive expertise in fresh fruits and vegetables, Cao Thanh Phat Import Export Co. specializes in exporting fresh dragon fruit. The company exports to the EU, the United States, Asia, the Middle East.
On Asia Fruit Logistica, Cao Phat Import & Export Co. presents pitayas (dragon fruit) with 45 days of shelf life, making exports far easier.



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The company offers dragon fruits as well as other Vietnamese products of the highest quality.
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