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Netherlands (the) 10/09/2019

Marco Beshay is searching for contacts with Egyptian Trade-companies in European F&V-sector

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Started as a one-men company in the early fifties, nowadays Handelsmaatschappij Jan Oskam B.V. is a modern all-round import- and export company on the Dutch middle level. The success is caused by their basic specialisms such as growing interesting pear-and apple varieties, modern ULO-coldstoring equipment, brand-new calibrating machinery and frigo-transport facilities.

Since last September 2nd the original Egyptian Mr. Marco Beshay has joined Jan Oskam BV as a junior salesman. Marco is living already for 15 years in the Netherlands and he has finished International Trade Education at van Hall/Larenstein in Velp.

As his network is not that big yet, he would like to get connected with F&V-Trade-companies with Egyptian owners or management throughout Europe, to offer them European products and work with them. Although his knowledge of international languages is really good , he would be pleased to take profit of his Arab origin.

Marco Beshay
Mobile / Whatsapp +31-613107536
Office +31302320417

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