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Ethylene Generators transform ripening operations of DiMare Fresh

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A reliable, efficient and safe source of ethylene is important for any ripening facility.  About 10 years ago, DiMare Fresh was looking to improve their ripening operations on both bananas and tomatoes.  Tony DiMare, Vice President of DiMare Fresh, sought Catalytic Generators for this endeavor.

“We chose Catalytic because of their expertise with ripening of fruit and their second to none customer service.  They are the leaders in the industry with fruit ripening,” stated DiMare.

DiMare Fresh is committed to providing customers with the best produce at the highest quality possible. From this, they’ve learned to be flexible and adapt to the changing world and needs of customers.  DiMare stated, “We converted all of our ripening operations over to Catalytic Generators’ Centralized Ripening System® many years ago.  This not only dramatically improved the consistency of the ripening our tomatoes and bananas, which translated into a superior product for our customers, but also saved us money at the same time by being more efficient.”

Catalytic Generators’ Centralized Ripening System® provides individual, continuous ethylene production to each ripening room from one central supply of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate. Ethylene is a natural plant hormone and many fruits benefit from exposure to a small amount of this helpful compound.  Ripening occurs naturally as a response to this exposure, for bananas, tomatoes, avocados and other fruit will release internal ethylene, which is the ripening trigger, regardless of whether ripening occurs on the plant or in a ripening room.

Greg Akins, President & CEO of Catalytic Generators, explained, “Since the fruit is harvested mature but green, and the internal flavor characteristics have already developed, this process allows for shipments of fruit to destinations far from the growing regions.”  Akins continued, “Once close to markets, the fruit can be placed in ripening rooms and their ripening regulated with ethylene, temperature, humidity, airflow and ventilation.  The result is uniform and controlled ripening, leading to fruit that is ready to eat and tasty!”

Ethylene producing generators of Catalytic Generators all feature user-friendly operation, adjustable output settings, and continuous, consistent ethylene production for superior ripening and degreening.  These ethylene generators provide a safe, easy, and convenient ethylene source that you can trust.

About Catalytic Generators, LLC

The process of producing ethylene in ripening rooms was invented and patented by Catalytic Generators in 1973.  The system consists of a catalytic-type generator that converts a liquid concentrate, called Ethy-Gen® II, into safe levels of ethylene, which is a natural plant hormone produced by many fruits, including bananas, tomatoes, avocados, mangos, and pears. With a strategic distribution network, Catalytic Generators offers its customers timely service and delivery across the globe.

Catalytic Generators will be available at Fruit Logistica in Berlin (February 5-7, 2020). To know more, schedule a meeting or consultation contact Greg Akins, President & CEO, +1-757-855-0191,


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Centralized Ripening System® by Catalytic Generators
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