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HaciendasBio, Respect for the environment

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HaciendasBio, the first organic fruit and vegetable producer in Spain and a leader in export to Europe, promotes the development of its CSR policy in line with the company’s core business value: respect for the environment at all levels.


Currently, it is one of the top three companies worldwide with the best environmental performance according to a study prepared by the Dutch consulting firm Soil&More, specialists in sustainability. Due to the production system used by HaciendasBio, based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture, as they imply numerous benefits for the planet and society.


It mainly concludes that the company's cultivation method provides a positive environmental impact effect of three million euros per year to the planet.


Replenishing soil fertility to achieve the balance of the ecosystem is crucial for the producer. HaciendasBio applies compost and other organic materials to the soil, performs no-till farming and does not apply fertilizer products. Finally, it manages flora through mowing and planting in order to improve the permeability and content of the organic matter in the soil.


Another HaciendasBio's strengths is the respect for biodiversity, bringing great value to the planet in a context in which between 10,000 and 50,000 species are lost every year, according to the latest data from the Living Planet report issued by the WWF association, the largest independent nature conservation organization.


In this regard, the French biologist and biochemist, George Oxley, specialized in soil life and a great connoisseur of plants from a medicinal and nutritional point of view, has made a soil diagnosis of the main farms of HaciendasBio. He has been analysing different conventional, ecological and biodynamic farms for 20 years and it is the first time in his career that he finds species that, in general, are only found in very protected wild areas, in agricultural lands.


Likewise, HaciendasBio has adhered to different initiatives promoted by the WWF association. For example, the Earth hour, the signature and dissemination of the message against plastics as well as the loss of biodiversity. The company is also registered as a volunteer for tree planting or garbage collection on its farms, amongst other actions.


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Silvia Llamas

Marketing Manager

+34 924 097 000

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One of the top three companies worldwide with the best environmental performance
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