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Netherlands (the) 03/09/2020

Dutch pear production 2020/21 forecast

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Jan Oskam BV, a supplier that specializes on fruit, vegetables and citrus products, confirmed that the pear harvest in The Netherlands would be approximately at the same level as last year.


Kees Oskam, General Director of Jan Oskam BV, said, “Pear season starts very well. The biggest part of the crop will be good, especially in the areas where is enough availability of good and useful water, which also makes pear’s sizes much better on average. Due to short period of blossoming in April, the quality of crop is better than last year.”


As most of Jan Oskam BV pears are grown and cultivated in Holland, the company controls the whole process, from planting and growing to harvesting.


Now, Jan Oskam BV covering west and south Europe already, and targeting to increase but it will be more difficult with the higher prices at the start. “At the beginning of 2020-2021 season, prices are at a much higher level compared to previous season. However, we expect prices to be under pressure from the moment the Italian pears gain prominence in the European market. Also North Africa can be a challenge,” added Mr Oskam.


The company offers next varieties of pears through the year: Conference, Clapp's Favourite, Triomphe de Vienne, Beurre Hardy, Durondeau, Doyenne du Comice and Beurre A. Lucas.


Kees Oskam said the company mainly focuses on the export of own apples and pears and shared the news: “We have planted a new Apple-variety called Bonita. It is a crossing of Crisp Pink and Topaz. It is resistant against scarb, so very ecologic.”


In addition, Mr Oskam added that they started with 2 new sales managers: Wibo Goes and Patrick van Rooi from 1 September.


Jan Oskam BV is a family business with almost 75 years of operation. Trading company specializes on import and export of vegetables, fruits and citrus products but mainly concentrates on growing and exporting pear and apple varieties.


More information about the company on their website.



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Kees Oskam, General Director of Jan Oskam BV and his pear harvest
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