05/03/2019 | Belgium

Digital agriculture to improve yields

In Belgium the potato production and processing sectors are joining forces around the WatchITgrow collaborative platform to improve sustainability and productivity.
The agricultural union Boerenbond, the sectoral organization Belgapom and Vito have decided to join forces to continue the development of WatchITgrow.
WatchITgrow is a collaborative platform for digital monitoring of potato fields using different data sources. This platform brings together producers and research centers, such as CRA-W and Vito.
The data of the satellite images obtained are supplemented by various data (weather, soils, IoT data ...). Combining this data with new technologies such as big data analytics and algorithms, WatchITgrow provides information on crop development and health status, prescription maps, case alerts and more. of problem.
The long-term goal of this Belgian platform is to improve farmers' yields and achieve a more sustainable crop.


source : sillonbelge.be, belgapom.be, watchitgrow.be




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