23/05/2019 | Iran

Strong growth in exports

Located in south-eastern Iran and bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Sistan-Baluschestan region has recorded remarkable increases (+ 150% and + 85%) of its exports to neighboring countries.
During the Iranian calendar year, that ended on March 20, exports from the Sistan-Baluschestan region to Pakistan amounted $580.1 million. This is an increase of 150% over the same period last year. Among the exported products: apples, dates, fresh fruits and vegetables, processed food products.
During the same period, exports from the Sistan-Baluschestan region to Afghanistan amounted to $329.3 million. An increase of 85% compared to the previous year. Among exported products: dates, tomatoes, potatoes.
The region also exports to Turkey, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates.



source : en.mehrnews.com

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