27/06/2019 | Peru

Colombia, in the avocado market, is a major competitor according to Peru

With avocado exports up by 125%, Colombia is judged to be a major competitor by the Peruvian avocado sector. Especially since Colombian avocados enter the same markets as Peruvian avocados.
Peru is the largest exporter of avocados in the South America region, but Colombia is becoming a supplier to the US and European markets, according to the CDC's IDEXCAM institute (Cámara de Comercio de Lima).
According to IDEXCAM, Chile remains the main competitor but the expansion of Colombian avocados' exports is taken into consideration. These Colombian exports recorded an interannual growth of 125% and penetrate the same markets as the Peruvian exports. Colombian avocado exports reached $4 million in 2014, and in 2018 totaled $62 million.
Peruvian exports, according to IDEXCAM, registered an average annual growth of 26% and totaled $722 million in 2018. Chilean exports grew 18% annually and exceeded $323 million the same year.

source : gestion pe

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