11/07/2019 | Argentina

Blueberry sector welcomes EU-Mercosur deal

The agreement concluded between the EU and the Mercosur countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) to eliminate tariffs between the two parties, is very satisfactory for the blueberry sector of Argentina.
Currently, according to Argentinian exporters, blueberries are subject to customs duties ranging from 3 to 9%, depending on the country of destination. With the EU-Mercosur agreement, these customs duties will be eliminated in most countries or halved.
The EU-Mercosur agreement (our info of 02/07/2019) is therefore very satisfactory for the blueberry sector in Argentina. Sector that invests and focuses on the development of national production.
It is estimated that the EU-Mercosur agreement could come into force within 2 years and its effects will be effective for the 2021/22 harvest.


source :  clarin com, infocampocom ar



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