25/02/2020 | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Imports represent 90% of food products consumed

Sad observation for professionals in the sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country has experienced a drop in exports and an increase in imports, which now account for 90% of the food consumed.
Bosnia and Herzegovina imported fruit and vegetables worth 316.8 million ($175 million) last year. For imported vegetables the value amounted to BAM 107.3 million ($59.4 million) and for fruits to BAM 209.5 million ($116 million).
The previous year, the value of imports of fruit and vegetables reached BAM 275 million ($152.3 million). As a result, domestic production has failed to increase enough to meet demand. Garlic, pears, apples, plums, cabbage and potatoes, traditional products of national agriculture continue to be imported.
According to the Bosnian Foreign Trade Chamber, the country's exports fell 7%. The fall in exports and the continuous rise in imports allow experts to estimate that the country imports up to 90% of the food consumed.


source : sarajevotimes.com

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