27/04/2021 | Germany

Transparent, certified and responsible farming with the new GGN label for fruits and vegetables

On April 27, during an online event, GLOBALG.A.P. presented the GGN label to stakeholders from the retail and agriculture sectors.


This GGN label (GLOBALG.A.P Number) confirms that the products have been grown in accordance with certified good agricultural practices which cover food safety, sustainability, social responsibility, animal welfare, environmental protection and transparency of the supply chain.


Unlike the previous GGN labels, which referred only to aquaculture and floriculture products, now it will be applied to fruit and vegetables as well.


The new GGN means certified, responsible farming and clarity. The new label is available to producers, retailers, traders, packers and restaurant chains from April 2021, both for packed and loose fresh products


Five years ago, GLOBALG.A.P. revealed the GGN label. It was launched in 2016 for aquaculture products, and then, in 2017, for floriculture products as well. In 2021, they included fruit and veg.


All products recognized by GGN label originate from a farm whose production process has been independently certified in accordance with international GLOBALG.A.P. standards or one of the standards that is approved by GLOBALG.A.P. as equivalent. 


The GGN label provides transparency through unique 13-digit ID numbers that are linked to supply chain actors with GLOBALG.A.P. certification. 


The GLOBALG.A.P. Numbers correspond with profiles on the GGN label portal, enabling consumers to determine the origin of their product. 576 farm profiles are already available at their database. 


To learn more about the GGN label, follow the link.

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