20/12/2021 | Japan

Japanese manufacturer offers fruit peeling solutions to save on labor costs and increase productivity

The KA-700H by ASTRA Inc. is an easy, effective and compact solution for fruit peeling. These machine is already installed in fruit processing factories, supermarkets, groceries, juice bars, restaurants, and bakeries in more than 30 countries of the five continents.

Even though it looks like a household kitchenware from the first sight, it is very powerful and useful. With the KA-700H, peeling time decreases to just 4-5 seconds without compromising the peeling quality. The machine can be applied for over 20 types of fruits, including apples, oranges, kiwis, and lemons. 

“Even in the 21st century, most of the fruit peeling is done by hand. This is because the ordinary fruit peeling machine is huge, heavy and expensive, only made for the food factory. ASTRA peeling machines are very compact, and fit in any small kitchens or small factories. “, explains Ryo Takeshita, Sales Manager at ASTRA Inc.

According to the Manager, their machines allow to save up to 50% on labor costs and increase productivity by up to 9 times.

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