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The European Commission tightens import rules for Galia melons from Honduras

A recent Salmonella outbreak in Honduras forced the European Commission to tighten the import rules of Galia melons.

A risk of possible Salmonella Braenderup contamination means increased controls with identity and physical checks on 10% of consignments entering the EU since January, 6.

The Salmonella Braenderup outbreak affected over 350 people in the UK, the U.S, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Norway, Ireland and Luxembourg.

The Galia melons harvest season started again in December. A sample of Salmonella Braenderup that matched the outbreak strain was detected in one of the Honduran facilities where these melons were packed. 

However, according to Honduran authorities, the cause cannot be confirmed to be Galia melons from Honduras because a case was registered in July 2021 in Denmark, and at that time, Honduras did not export any melons.

The updated regulation temporarily changes the rate of official controls and applies emergency measures on entry into the Europe Union of certain goods from several non-EU countries. Rules are modified every 6 months to account for new data on risks to health and non-compliance with EU legislation.





source: foodsafetynews.com

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