25/08/2022 | All countries

Tomato production in EU to drop 3% in 2022

Tomato production in the European Union will fall by 3% in 2022, with the expected volume of 6.2 million tons, following the downward trend of recent years, according to the European Commission.
The main factors driving the decline are changes in the varieties planted, which are being altered to the Cherry variety, and lower production in greenhouses due to the high cost of energy.
In addition, a decrease in the Community export of fresh tomato is projected, as a result of the increase in competition from Morocco, as well as a consequence of Brexit and the gradual loss of the United Kingdom market, which in 2021 constituted 75% of the Community export of tomato.
The Commission forecasts that Community imports of fresh tomatoes will grow by 3% this year compared to 2021, totaling 730,000 tons.
In 2021, 67% of fresh tomato imports from the European Union came from Morocco, followed by Turkey.
source: financialfood.es, fepex.es
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