15/11/2023 | Chile

Complex approach to boost Chilean blueberry sales in US markets

Recently, the Chilean Blueberry Committee has carried out extensive qualitative research on the trade, conducting  interviews with blueberry importers and retailers. The main objective was to understand the areas that the industry should focus on to improve its competitiveness in the US market.  
Karen Brux, marketing director for Frutas de Chile in North America (formerly CFFA), highlights that the results of this research are being taken very seriously by Chilean blueberry exporters and producers.
Among the efforts carried out by Chilean blueberry businesses, is a Variety Improvement Program that will allow them to stand out and speed up the time it takes for berries to go from harvest to shelf. In addition, these varieties are firmer, larger and sweeter.
Ultimately, Brux indicated that the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council will implement promotional programs for consumers and retailers during the winter months. 
Despite expectations of a 6% decrease in Chilean blueberry production during the 2023-24 season compared to the previous year, an increase in shipments of new varieties and higher quality fruits is expected.
source: simfruit.cl


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