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France 06/12/2018

Informia reviews the ergonomics of its software for an improved user experience

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Always to be at the forefront of innovation and listening to its customers, INFORMIA chose this year to review the design of its software: more ergonomic and more modern.
INFORMIA increases the user experience
The work began on the ergonomics of Euroflow® software and Traceflow® was mainly focused on improving the user browsing experience. They will now be able to access the main features via a ribbon, which organizes menus in a series of tabs at the top of the window.
This will allow them to find, understand and use orders efficiently and directly with a minimum of clicks. The use of a ribbon increases the possibility of discovering features and functions, facilitates and speeds up learning, and gives users greater confidence in their program experience. Consistency has also been brought into the reorganization of menus by functionality.
Customization of screens always further
INFORMIA already offered a wide range of possibilities for each user to customize their work environment. Today, you can also define a theme for your session with new skins (themes of colors) to change according to your desires or his moods.
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Euroflow® and Traceflow® INFORMIA software, more stylish.
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