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Netherlands (the) 18/12/2018

Saudi Arabia has increased imports from the Netherlands

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The Persian Gulf countries and especially Saudi Arabia have increased their imports of Dutch agricultural products. In 2017 the value of Dutch exports to the Gulf countries totaled € 1.3 billion, including € 405 million for Saudi Arabia.
According to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Saudi Arabia is now the second largest importer of its agricultural products in the Gulf region. The largest importer remains the United Arab Emirates, which is a transport and re-export center for the region.
Dutch exports of agricultural products to Saudi Arabia reached € 336 million in 2016 but totaled € 405 million in 2017. The Dutch products imported by Saudi Arabia are mainly vegetables which account for 94% of the total category Fruits & Vegetables. Fresh vegetables but also frozen, dried, prepared or preserved.
Saudi Arabia is an attractive market for the Netherlands because it is geographically close to the European Union and its young population continues to grow rapidly. Although the government plans to increase food self-sufficiency, Saudi Arabia still imports 70 to 80 percent of its food.



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