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A new state-of-the-art fruit grading solution will be presented by Sorma Group

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Upcoming year is bringing new inventions to grading technologies: A new state-of-the-art fruit grading solution will be presented by Sorma Group at Fruit Logiatica 2019 in Berlin.


Thanks to the InstanDEF-QI 2.0 system, SormaTech is now able to define the quality of the individual fruit with greater precision. Through complex multi-spectrum interfacing algorithms, developed by the Sorma Iberica R&D centre, the number of images analysed for each fruit has been doubled, delivering more precise detection of both external and internal defects.


 “Investing in innovative machines means investing in our customers,” comments Daniele Fabbri, General Manager of Sorma Iberica. He explaines: “If they see one or more damaged fruit in the pack, consumers might decide not to buy. So it’s not just a question of production efficiency; it’s first and foremost a matter of ethics.


The new “SmartClass” function allows automatic setting of the grading potentiometers. The machine is able to recognise the product’s class, considerably shortening the time otherwise necessary to create specific programs for grading fruit of different varieties.


Sorma Group
Tel: +39 054 741 86 11


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InstanDEF-QI 2.0 system
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