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Germany 11/02/2019

Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards 2019

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Result of visitors votes, the FLIA (Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards) was announced on the last day of the show:
Gold: Oriental Red® from Jingold (Italy). In addition to the bright red color of its flesh, visitors appreciated its pleasant and sweet taste. It has a sugar content of 20 to 21 degrees Brix. In addition, the Oriental Red® kiwi offers an exotic aftertaste that enriches the sensations.
"We are very happy to win this prestigious award. It's a year of hard work for our team. We have invested a lot of energy to develop and improve our product and are very pleased that people appreciate it so much, "said Federico Milanese, the head of international development.
SILVER: "Softripe® Ripening Technology" from Frigotec (Germany). A natural and energy-saving ripening technology for bananas and other tropical fruits.
BRONZE: "Top-sealable compostable, recyclable strawberry punnet" by CKF (Canada) A wood-based container, sealable, compostable and recyclable, that can hold 350 to 400 grams of strawberries. ensures a good shelf life, without the use of plastic.




GOLD Member
Gold Members
France Ag'Pom - France - 1. Potato - 2. Carrot - 3. Onion
Dominican Rep. ART Agro Industrial SRL - Dominican Rep. - 1. Mango
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Left picture: Harry Xu, Managing Director JINGOLD and Frederico Milanese, Director of International Development JINGOLD. Photo top right: the FRIGOTEC company team. Photo bottom right: the CKF company team.
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