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New step in ripening technologies: Interko presents OPTIMO the state-of-art fruit ripening systems applied for banana, mango, and avocado

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Interko, the Dutch manufacturer and installer of cost-effective, high quality ripening solutions has recently presented OPTIMO the new ripening technology at Fruit Logistica 2019.


State-of-art fruit ripening system OPTIMO creates perfect fresh fruit ripening process and ensures efficient storage environment to be implemented by every operator: importer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer.


OPTIMO Ripening equipment makes fruit ripening process easier and more flexible at all stages. Easy to install, use and maintain, this entrylevel system is more  efficient, cost-effective and profitable comparing with previous technics. OPTIMO room can be split into four zones, where each zone is equipped with an individual cooler and air guidance system, enabling users to switch on and off each of the four zones independently to adapt quickly to volume requirements and market demand.


An integrated air quality control system included in OPTIMO ensures the perfect ripening environment through the precision control of humidity, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. The new standard in turn-key ripening, OPTIMO comes pre-assembled with all of Interko’s latest technological advances, including REVERSO reversible fans which aim to optimise the airflow with minimum energy usage, and increase the ripening consistency.


Met at Fruit Logistica 2019, Chris Maat, Interko Managing director explained: “By this moment Interko has installed more than 25 OPTIMO ripening equipment globally. However Portuguese case is unique one. We’ve seen how demand on ripening solutions is growing dramatically in Portugal moving from “baby” ripening project into mature innovative approach becoming fashionable on international fresh fruits market. More and more customers contact us to assist them with ripening for various fruits, and at the moment OPTIMO could be applied for banana, mango, and avocado.”


Additionally to existing world-wide presence, recently Slovakia has joined global Interko family by installing the first ripening room in 2018.


For contact:
Chris Maat or Anna Zegveld
Tel: +31 (0)79 593 2581


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Chris Maat, Managing Director of Interko at Fruit Logistica 2019
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