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Israel 25/02/2019

Date processing: Israeli based company has shorten season and improved quality

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Dates are a very difficult kind of product to work with: because of size, shape and high sugar content which makes them very sticky.


Eitan Mor, manager of one of the biggest factory sorting dates in Bet Haarava, Israel (Jordan River), shares his feedback on the processing equipment they have been using for few seasons already. “We reduced the season for 3 months now. Instead of working from August till April, now we work only 4 months and are able to send dates to the market sooner. The equipment from Elisam and Ellips works perfectly, the camera and optics are great, also the weighing is very good. We have been able to improve our quality as well”.


Another thing that Mr. Mor mentions about cooperation with Elisam and Ellips is that he is very satisfied with customer support: “Even though we are in Israel and they are in Europe, when we have any problem or anything, the solution comes very quickly. We hope we will buy another machine in 2 years, For all those reasons we bought one more machine which is technologically more advanced including 360° Loose Skin vision, and with next installation of “Moisture and Black Mold” software”, -  he ends.

Company packs and sorts about 4000 tons of Medjool dates.


Mitchel Bakker MSc, Robotics, Systems and Control at Ellips B.V. comments: “We have innovated our mechanics and our vision system for dates and machines became very successful. A version of Gran Torino was developed to work with these products at the highest levels. All date lines in Israel for last 2 years have become our customers”.


Daniele Orioli, sales manager at Elisam, explains that company has complete solutions for date processing, to detect and remove defects such as Size, Color, Loose Skin, Doubles, Moisture, Black Mold. “The latest Roller Grading and sorting machines for dates have very accurate weight measurements working at high speed: up to 30 rollers per second”.


Target markets for dates processing machines are all Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Israel and Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia. USA, Peru, Mexico are completing the list.





For contact:

Daniele Orioli

Sales manager

+39 0547 59257

+39 347 3612423


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