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France 13/03/2019

An innovative approach for the monitoring of the palox presented by BARBARIE

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An innovative approach for traceability presented by Barbarie, provides turnkey solutions to fruit and vegetable production and logistics companies and helps them to save money.

With Barbarie Tracking Palox users can manage their inventory without wasting time and avoiding human errors. A unique label with Datamatrix code is assigned to each container. The batch of fruits or vegetables is associated with the unique number from entry to exit through all stages of storage or processing. The system manages the consignment and also tracks their packaging when they leave the farm.

The system works equally well with paloxes, big-bags, IBCs or any other type of container. With a simple gesture the driver can move from one operation to another and simultaneously manage entries, transfers and exits.

The powerful features of the software, the database is in the cloud and the app's that are installed on the mobile terminals give the possibility of real-time IT management.

About Barbarie SAS: Barbarie SAS, specialized in pallets and crates pallets, as well as pallets called "heavy" has been working for more than 70 years in this market and is the leading manufacturer of wooden pallets in Europe.

Today Barbarie SAS has an international reputation. The company exports 40% of its production all over the world: in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Bangladesh, Israel., Chile, Canada, etc.


"The Barbarie brand is known for the quality of manufacturing, assembling, solid structure and long-term rigidity," explains Herbert Meyer, the export manager. "We sometimes notice that people clumsily copy our paloxes, but they are nailed by hand with bad sections of nails and lack of rigidity. Because on average the palox is used for more than 20 years, it must be both solid and provide good ventilation products. Maritime pine is the main species used for its mechanical strength and natural durability. Oak is also used for products such as apples and carrots. We always adapt to the needs of our customers: we take into account their buildings, level of ventilation etc. "


For more information :

Barbarie SAS

Herbert Meyer

Manager export

+33 (0)5 53 08 30 92


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