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Viet Nam 15/03/2019

Vietnam plans new opportunities for its exports

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Hortex Vietnam 2019 is currently taking place in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing together nearly 200 exhibitors the show expects over 6,000 trade visitors.
During the Export Forum, organized as part of the show, Vietnamese professionals discussed the possibilities of developing fruit and vegetable exports. The markets of South Korea and Japan seem to offer real opportunities.
Currently Vietnamese exports to South Korea are modest. A turnover of more than 2 million USD. South Korea has opened its market to coconuts, bananas, mangoes and Vietnamese dragon fruits. Negotiations are underway to begin exports of Vietnamese pomelos, rambutans, longans and lychees.
Looking at Japan, Vietnamese exports are still weak. Sales reached $2.5 million for vegetables and $36.4 million for fruits. Japan has opened its market for dragon fruits (white and red flesh), Vietnamese mangoes and bananas. Negotiations are under way to export litchis, longans and other Vietnamese fruits.
The strict quarantine rules applied in these two countries have certainly limited exports. But Vietnamese producers can adopt best practices and the latest technologies to increase volumes exported to these countries.
Export earnings, as forecast by the Vietnamese government, could total $4.5 billion this year and $5 billion in 2020.


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At Hortex Vietnam, which is currently taking place (photo: twitter Hortex Vietnam).
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