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Italy 30/04/2019

Savings of water resources but also optimization of technologies on AcquaCampus Macfrut 2019

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On an even bigger space, a proper demonstration field, AcquaCampus will be able to present all the innovations in irrigation. Innovations able to answer to the most varied needs in the matter of economy of the water resources but also of optimization of all the most advanced technologies in this field.
For this 2019 edition, the exhibition and exhibition area of ​​the CER (Canale Emiliano Romagnolo) is scaled inside the pavilion and presents the concrete experimentation models in a space of more than 640 square meters. In addition to saving water for agricultural use (up to 30%), broader themes will be explored, such as fertirrigation, air conditioning, sensors and the use of big data, which makes possible improvements in Field management: + technology, - costs, + yield.
"AcquaCampus is the most advanced frontier of research on these issues - says CER President Massimiliano Pederzoli - the current climate changes require increasingly sophisticated adaptability and our mission is precisely to identify them, adapt them to our needs and to offer them to companies".
"Water, with climate change, is an increasingly strategic issue globally, as well as the problem of food waste - said President Macfrut Renzo Piraccini - We are pleased with this renewed partnership that will discover the most advanced techniques of the irrigation system by the world's leading leaders ".




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The demonstration space will be even bigger for this 2nd edition of AcquaCampus at Macfrut.
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