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Ukrainian blueberry market and predictions for 2019 upcoming campaign shared by Lima Pacific Pte. ltd

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in January 2019, the volume of Ukrainian exports exceeded imports, blueberry exports from Ukraine  for 2019 upcoming campaign are projected at the level of 4.5-5 thousand tons, which is twice  higher than in 2018. This is stated by the economists of the UN investment department.


According to analysts, it is expected that the growth of blue harvest in Ukraine in 2019 will lead to a decrease in domestic prices, which will stimulate the development of exports.


Already, almost all major blueberry manufacturing companies are actively certified according to the Global G.A.P standards, which also expands the cooling, storage, sorting and packaging of fresh blueberries for export.


Ukrainian blueberries continue to conquer the market of Southeast Asia and today it is clear that due to its perfect taste and quality standards, the Ukrainian producers have all chances to compete with such large and strong exporting countries as Chile, Morocco and Peru.


Daniel Isakov, Managing Director at Lima Pacific Pte. Ltd. explained us: "Blueberry consumption is very popular in South East Asia and Singapore, in particular.Subsequently, Ukraine growers have all capabilities to open Asian market thanks to its improving quality standards and reasonable purchasing power.Singapore is a hub to South East Asia and entering it opens lots of the opportunities for the region.

Lima Pacific Pte. Ltd, one of the leading importers of fresh produce in Singapore, is confident that in the near future upon achieving optimal logistics solutions, it will be possible to see more and more Ukrainian berres in the Asian market.



For more information please contact:

Daniel Isakov

Lima Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Tel: +65 8355 0728; +1718 644 4006



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