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Turkiye 13/06/2019

Turkish Cargo has transported $18 million of Turkish fruits and vegetables

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Last year, Turkey Cargo's Turkish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables totaled $18 million, up by 71% in value compared to the previous year.
According to the Aegean Exporters' Association (EİB) data, Turkish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables amounted to some 2.33 billion USD in 2018. Exports by Turkish Cargo, the subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, totaled $ 18 million, up 71% from the previous year.
This increase can be explained by the agreements on special discounts between the Turkish sector and Turkish Cargo. But also by the new destinations opened by the airline which now serves 124 countries with 88 direct destinations for freight.
Turkish Cargo has just added Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) to its direct cargo network, with weekly cargo flights from Istanbul as of June 12, 2019.
Turkish Cargo increased its freight tonnage by 11.6% in the first quarter of this year despite a contraction of 3.1% in the global air cargo sector, according to data collected by WACD (World Air Cargo Data).



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For these air freight exports, cherries ($6.5 million) ranked first, followed by mushrooms ($4.3 million) and figs ($2.3 million).
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