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USA 26/06/2019

Compac moves towards more regional support in the US

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Compac, part of TOMRA Food, will work much closer to their customers and provide critical support to them in a much quicker and efficient way. This was shared by Darrell Smithson, VP Global Services Compac. The company is heavily investing in 2 new facilities in the US: in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which has just been completed and will be officially opened in August, and in Central Valley, California, which will be expanded.

New office in Grand Rapids, Michigan will have demonstration training facility with ability to provide trainings for customers. Compac will be able to bring customers there, improve their skills or test any defects that they are looking for. This is something the company never had before on the East Coast and particularly in Michigan.

Compac will also expand facility in Central Valley, California right in the heart of where their customers are. The company already has small regional service office there and is going to double the size over the next 12 months. Compac plans to have more service people in region being able to provide even better support to customers. This facility is planned to be opened in the 1st quarter of 2020.

In addition Darrell Smithson shares: “We have been helping our customers to speed up return on investment by optimizing the performance of their machines. We are investing in methodology that allows us to measure the efficiency of the particular packhouse. This will help customers to continuously improve”. According to Mr. Smithson the company has build a support mechanism to reduce unscheduled down time and is able to optimize the quality of the grade, which is also super important for ROI: “Our packers and growers want to make sure that the good box has got all good fruit in it, so they can impress the customer. And lower quality box has got all lower quality fruits in it, so they do not give away the good fruit to the customer who only wants lower quality fruits”.

As stated by Darrell in the US Compac is able to provide high level of service to the biggest companies in the industry (as example one customer packs up to 15 mln mandarins a day) and to family owned businesses. “Our service is very different than picking up the phone, reading the script, we create a very personal service. Client coordinator is a person who is dedicated to a specific customer. If customer needs anything, he can just contact his client coordinator and question will be solved”.

“We grow enough fruit on the planet, we just need to stop wasting it by using technologies able to make predictive decisions”, - ends Darrell. With the new facilities Compac expects being able not only more efficiently serve existing customer, but also provide this high level service for many more new and potential customers.

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Darrell Smithson, VP Global Services Compac
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