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Chile 22/07/2019

Algae-based paper for better fruit preservation

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In Chile a partnership between the University of Concepción and a paper manufacturer aims to develop a biodegradable material based on 100% natural ingredients with antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties that can prolong the life of food and especially fresh fruit.
This paper is based on 100% natural ingredients, pine and seaweed. This bioactive paper has additional properties, such as reducing oxidation, limiting microorganisms that cause fruit to rot. It would thus offer, compared to the embossed paper that protects only moisture and shocks, an innovative solution for a better conservation of the exported fruits.
"The goal of the project is to produce a bioactive algae paper, which can reduce fruit losses due to post-harvest oxidation and microbial decay by up to 60%" explained Dr. Cristián Agurto who leads the team of researchers at the Biotechnology Center of the University of Concepción.
This innovation will be crucial for the country that exports about 2.6 million tonnes of fresh fruit every year but 3% to 5% of which do not reach the consumer table.

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Scientists and industrialists are developing a new paper based on 100% natural ingredients, derived from pine and seaweed, to improve the conservation of exported fruits.
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