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France 09/07/2019

Informia opens up new opportunities by joining ISAGRI Group.

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Informia, publisher and integrator of a software dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector, joins Groupe Isagri in the ERP Agro division
Groupe ISAGRI brings together the strengths of two of its subsidiaries: AKANEA AGRO SOFTWARE and INFORMIA to accelerate innovation and international success in the fruit & vegetables sector.
   The new subsidiary of ISAGRI Group will be headed by Léonard Gallone, current CEO of INFORMIA.
     Isagri is continuing to grow its ERP business and confirms its commitment to offer high-level software expertise and service excellence for every link in the agri-food chain.
Léonard Gallone will be able to perpetuate Informia's know-how by relying on the values ​​shared by the two structures and on a unified team.
This link between the INFORMIA and AKANEA structures should also enable ISAGRI Group to pursue its international ambitions to offer its complete solution for computer monitoring of the Fruits & Vegetables sector from production to distribution in various countries, and more particularly the Poland, Italy and Spain.
Key figures of ISAGRI Group:
Turnover: 215 million euros
150,000 customers in 5 continents including 1/3 in SaaS
2000 employees, including nearly 10% in 13 international subsidiaries
About ISAGRI group: A French SUCCESS STORY
Created in Beauvais in 1983 by Jean-Marie Savalle, its current CEO, ISAGRI will quickly revolutionize the French agricultural market by making computing accessible to as many people as possible; the group is the leader in digital services in this market in Europe, China and Canada. With the AGIRIS brand and its suite of management, accounting and payroll software, it facilitates the management of companies.
ISAGRI Group places innovation at the heart of its development.
AKANEA and INFORMIA are business software editors that have been offering management solutions for supply chain and agribusiness companies (from TPE to large companies) for more than 30 years. These companies include 200 employees, spread over 7 sites (Agadir, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Toulouse, Tunis and Warsaw) and achieve a turnover of over € 22 million.
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