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Argentina 08/10/2019

Target set at 5,000 tonnes of exported cherries

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In Argentina the new cherry season is approaching. Argentinian professionals plan to further increase the volume exported and reach 5,000 tons.
According to CAPCI (Cámara Argentina de Productores Integrados de Cerezas) the country could export 5,000 tons of cherries this season. Despite heavy frosts that have affected some of the production areas, the season looks good and the volume may be slightly higher than last year.
This points to an export volume of more than 4,600 tonnes last year. Over the last 5 years, annual growth in exportable volumes has averaged 13.15%.
Among the new markets for Argentinian cherries, China and Thailand are expected to increase their demand. Traditional markets (Europe, United States, Middle East) should maintain their demand.


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Argentina exports 70% of its cherries by air (Photo:
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