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Colombia 10/10/2019

Inspectra2 system for in-line non-destructive measurement of avocado dry matter is introduced to the Latin American market

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Compac, part of TOMRA Food, at World Avocado Congress 2019 in Medellin, Colombia has introduced to the Latin American market the new generation Inspectra2 NIR platform with dry matter detection technology as well as Spectrim, one of the most powerful optical sorting platform in the industry.

Dry matter content is a key indicator of whether an avocado is ripe enough, how it will taste, and how long it can be stored or shipped. The old microwave method is labor intensive and destroys the fruit, which creates waste and economic losses. Inspectra2 system can grade avocados internally automatically, without using  labor or destroying the fruit. It uses Compac’s non-invasive, near-infrared (NIR) technology for analyzing the internal properties of the avocado. External inspection of avocado doesn’t provide information about the internal properties of the fruit.  But with Inspectra2  packers can sort fruit and plan supply chain routings so that every avocado can reach its intended consumer market at peak quality and maturity, maximizing the value of their brand.

Compac also displayed its Spectrim external grading technology, which generates images of the highest clarity of every individual avocado. Software builds an accurate 3D model of each avocado and learning algorithms teach the system how to recognize and classify defects, simplifying detection and making it easy for the operator to create accurate pack grades. This future-proof solution has been designed to enable customers to continuously update their system hardware and software to maximize packing efficiency and profitability.

During World Avocado Congress Compac organized an Executive Breakfast to share knowledge and discuss the latest trends in the avocado sector. One of the most notable projects in the Latin America region is the largest and most advanced avocado processing plant in Colombia, built for Westfalia Fruit Colombia and opened in January 2019. Westfalia’s CEO Pedro Aguilar mentioned that Compac has been a great strategic partner for his company’s export business. He commented that technology is important for Westfalia to be more productive and be competitive worldwide and encouraged Colombian growers/exporters of avocados to invest in new technology so “they can be competitive worldwide and be able deliver an excellent quality product. Otherwise, without technology it will be difficult to stay competitive in the worldwide avocado business”.

Another Compac customer, Alfredo Lira, CEO of Agricola Cerro Prieto (ACP) commented: “Spectrim helps us reduce cost and be more competitive, also it helps to increase our plant capacity. You don´t buy simply a machine, you buy a technology platform that is going to develop over time. It means that this is not a one-time purchase, but rather a strategic alliance between Compac and ACP”. ACP plans to expand its business and with the help of Compac continue to pack excellent-quality product to strengthen its export volume.

Compac offers tailored sorting and grading solutions of all sizes depending on individual customer and market requirements - from large-scale plants like the new Westfalia’s Sonson facility to small and medium-size operations that can grow over time along with the customer’s business. The company has developed configurations of its Compac Single Lane Sorter (SLS) specifically for the Latin American markets, offering an entry-level solution with lower start-up costs that provides a platform for growth and increased capacity to meet future demand.

Compac will be exhibiting at PMA Fresh Summit (Anaheim, CA, USA, October 17-18) at stand 3411. Visit their team there to learn more about its external and internal avocado grading and packing solutions.

For further information about Compac, please see

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From left to right: Pedro Aguilar Westfalia Colombia CEO; Alfredo Lira, CEO of Agricola Cerro Prieto; Jacinto Trigo, Regional Director Latin America at Compac
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