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Russia 06/11/2019

Greenhouse vegetable production reaches almost 1 million tonnes

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In Russia the volume of greenhouse vegetable production increased by 13.5% to almost 1 million tonnes.
According to the latest data for the first nine months of this year, farmers harvested 966,700 tonnes of greenhouse vegetables. This volume is 13.5% higher than the volume produced last year for the same period.
The Ministry of Agriculture predicts that the volume of greenhouse production could total 1.2 million tonnes, 18% more than the target (1.02 million tonnes) and 20% more than in 2018 (1 million tons).
Significant investments in recent years have resulted in hundreds of hectares of greenhouses with the latest technology. Compared with 2014, production volumes increased by 65% and by 2025 greenhouse vegetable production could reach 1.5 million tonnes.



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For the first nine months of this year, glasshouse tomato production reached 336,800 tonnes, 15.2% more than in 2018 (Photo:
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