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Georgia 06/12/2019

Start of harvest and exports of mandarins in Georgia

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In Georgia the harvest of mandarins began last month and will quickly increase in power, the first data on exports show a ranking consistent with previous campaigns.
According to data from the Ministry of the Environment and Agriculture, exports of mandarins totaled 1,658 tonnes by the 20th November. Russia ranks first in export markets with 906 tonnes, or 55% of the total volume. Then follow Armenia, Ukraine, Latvia and Azerbaijan.
The Ministry recalled that last year, test lots had been successfully exported to Poland, the Persian Gulf and Central Asia. Destinations that could be developed in the future.
According to the National Statistics Service, mandarin harvest in 2018 amounted to 62,300 tons. The volume of fresh or dried mandarins exports at the end of 2018 generated $ 13.9 million.



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According to the first data, more than half of the volumes exported were destined for Russia (Photo:
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