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Italy 06/02/2020

Live from Fruit Logistica: Record of Italian exhibitors for this 2020 edition

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New record for Italian participation in the show, the huge area "Italy- The beauty of Quality" in Hall 2.2 welcomes more than 50 companies from all over Italy this year.
The 1,200 m2 space accommodates more than 50 companies from all over Italy. The space is divided into 5 stands:
Stand A03: Alegra, Brio, Jingold, Naturitalia, Opera, Valfrutta.
Stand A04: Agribologna, Al.Ma, Apo Scaligera, Bestack, Cedior, Ceor, CIV, Conor, CPR System, D'Avino, Fogliati, FruitImprese, Mazzoni, OPO Veneto, Orogel Fresco, Peviani, Pignataro, Ruggiero, Salvi-UNACOA , Secondulfo, T18, Veritas Biofruit, Transport vineyards.
Stand A05: AOP Luce, De Lucia, Kingfruit, Oranfrizer
Stand A06: Originally
Stand A08: Apofruit Italia, Bio Sikelia, Campania Felix, Canova, Granfrutta Zani, FruttHera, Italy Ortofrutta, La Deliziosa, Mediterraneo Group, Nicofruit, Ortolanda, Pempacorer. Calabria Region, Consortium of Associated Potato Producers, OP Agrogens, OP Esperia, FRUJT Tyrian Ionian Fruit Growers, OP Monte, Spanish OP, OP TOC, Unionberg OP
In addition, an area of ​​50 m2 is dedicated to hosting a complete program of events throughout the fair.




GOLD Member
Gold Members
France SARL AROMAVE - France - 1. Curly parsley - 2. Italian parsley - 3. Fresh aromatic herbs
Kenya Go Foods Ltd - Kenya - 1. Avocados - 2. Mango - 3. Passion Fruit / Passionfruit / Purple Granadilla
Netherlands (the) Sweet & Fresh B.V. - Netherlands (the) - 1. Lemon - 2. Orange - 3. Red fruits
Spain Karma Produce S.L. - Spain - 1. Aromatic herbs - 2. Fresh aromatic herbs - 3. Sprouts
China Dory Agricultural Co., Limited - China - 1. Lemon - 2. Asparagus - 3. Garlic
Kenya Primax Agencies Ltd - Kenya - 1. Avocados - 2. Bean - 3. Mango
France Du Menhir Sarl - France - 1. Strawberry - 2. Cucumber
Mexico Tropic Fresh - Mexico - 1. Lime - 2. Avocados - 3. Blueberry
Morocco Palmagri - Morocco - 1. Blueberry - 2. Raspberry
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Partial view of the huge "Italy" area (Photo:
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