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All countries 07/02/2020

Live from Fruit Logistica: Long distance transport and respect for fresh products, CMA CGM expertise

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The CMA CGM Group and its Containerships subsidiary exhibit Hall 23 Stand E-04. The group presents its innovative solutions and services for the transport of perishable goods.
CMA CGM has the second largest fleet of Reefer containers in the world, namely more than 200,000 containers representing 385,000 TEUs. It is also the most modern fleet, with an average age of 7 years, and technologically advanced on the market.
The CMA CGM Reefer fleet consists of 20-foot, 40-foot High-Cube and 45-foot (32/33 "Pallet Wide") containers. They allow the transport of goods from ultra low temperatures (-40 ° C or less) and up to + 30 ° C, thus ensuring the best treatment of goods throughout their transport.
Electronically equipped to allow the temperature and modification of air components, these containers can be monitored and controlled remotely. Whether it is controlling the oxygen or CO2 level, the CMA CGM group provides technical solutions for almost all types of goods transport.
Thanks to a dedicated Reefer team present at the headquarters in Marseille (France) but also via the large network of experts deployed in more than 80 countries around the world, CMA CGM is recognized as one of the most competent players for transport goods requiring a controlled atmosphere, temperature or humidity.




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