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China 24/03/2020

Chinese consumers have changed their eating habits

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According to a survey of Chinese consumers, the constraints caused by the COVID-19 epidemic have caused changes in eating habits.
Analysis firm Oliver Wyman conducted a survey of Chinese consumers. During the COVID-19 epidemic, food choices changed for 8 out of 10 respondents. Electronic commerce and local commerce were favored.
China is already the largest e-grocery market in the world. Home support measures have further increased the online market share. The big e-commerce brands but especially many small players see it as a huge opportunity to capture more traffic
Chinese consumers have also become more aware of their health. More than 35% said they increased their purchases of eggs and dairy products, as well as their purchases of fresh fruit (37%) and fresh vegetables (40%).



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Even more online shopping for groceries and fresh produce (Photo: oliverwyman).
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