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USA 15/05/2020

Artificial Intelligence Crop Detection Service is expanding to four U.S. states

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Valley Irrigation in partnership with Prospera Technologies announced the expansion of its artificial intelligence-based crop monitoring and detection service to commercial growers in select areas of Washington, Nebraska, Idaho and Texas, quadrupling the coverage area in 2020. The name of service based on artificial intelligence is Valley Insights, provides a true understanding of fields, sent directly via SMS text message notifications. The companies are also starting new anomaly detections tests in the USA and continuing to test the industry’s sensor-equipped irrigation machines. The next step is to turn existing irrigation infrastructure into autonomous connected machines.


The artificial intelligence, powered by Prospera’s computer vision and A.I. technology, gets and analyzes image data to identify areas of fields that may have anomalies. The system can detect problems with irrigation machines, over- or under-watered areas and other issues. Then service alerts growers about problem areas so they can take action to save crops.


Darren Siekman, Vice-President of Business Development at Valley Irrigation, said, “The initial trials of Valley Insights last fall demonstrated that the service delivers actionable insights that help growers reduce inputs and improve yields. We worked closely with growers to incorporate their feedback and develop the next generation of the service for this broader commercial roll-out. This is going to give more growers the opportunity to improve their bottom lines.”


Valley и Prospera also are conducting field trials of close-proximity data collection near Washington, Nebraska, Idaho and Texas, using sensors installed on Valley irrigation machines. Located just a few meters above the plants, sensors collect images with very high resolution day and night, capturing significantly greater detail than drone, aerial or satellite imagery can provide.


The companies’ combined vision to transform existing large-scale equipment into autonomous connected machines are the on-pivot sensors, that independently get and analyze plant data and take action to address irregularities at the plant level.


For more information, please visit Valley Irrigation website and Prospera Technologies website






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