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How to optimize temperature during fruit transportation

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Fruit exporters often face differences in temperatures inside the cool containers during transport, which results in many claims and lower quality of fruit. 


The previous occurs for three main causes. First, is that the outside temperatures can be very high, especially near the Equator. The second cause is that below deck, where most reefers are placed, the temperatures are even higher. The hot air from the cooling units is trapped in the hold of the vessel because of a lack of ventilation. And third, is the poor circulation of cold air inside the refrigerated containers itself.


Today, most of the fruits are transported on pallets. Pallets, unlike boxes, don’t cover the channels of the T-bar floor. When the channels are not covered the cold air will not be able to reach the end of the container, resulting in hot and cold spots.


Otto de Groot, a renowned Dutch fruit surveyor, and consultant created a special floor cover that fixes the airflow inside the cool containers. His product ‘OTFLOW®’ has been developed together with the research facility of Wageningen University.


Dr. ir. LJS (Leo) Lukasse, the Researcher of Wageningen University, concluded in his scientific research: “OTFLOW reduces the temperature difference between the hottest and coldest point by 30%.”


By optimizing the air circulation in refrigerated containers, it is possible to improve fruit quality, reduce food waste, receive fewer claims, and prevent fruit to be sold at a lower price.


For more information visit OTFLOW webiste.




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optimization of temperature during fruit transportation
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