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Russia 06/08/2020

The Report about status of the Russian greenhouse industry 2020

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Russian greenhouse industry is growing and developing. According to expert estimates, production of greenhouse vegetables is the most profitable among other agricultural sectors and attractive for investment as well. According to the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producers, over the past five years, the total investment in greenhouse complexes has exceeded 200 billion RUB (almost $3 billion), over 1.1 thousand ha of greenhouses were established.


In the ranking of 10 agricultural sectors, where a "window of opportunity" is open now, the production of greenhouse vegetables ranks the third position. However, the pandemic crisis affected almost all industries all over the world and many questions arise after; will agrarians manage to use this window and improve independence and profitability of the industry? What support measures are needed from the state and financial institutions?


To answer these and other questions, Vostock Capital British Consultancy, has conducted a survey with experts and industry 'players' and prepared the report "Investment potential of Russian greenhouse complexes.” The main study features are key industry figures (updated information on status and development prospects of Russian greenhouse industry), overview of ongoing investment projects (construction and modernization of greenhouse complexes), national support measures and analysis of more than 150 respondents’ opinions on industry development tends.


The analytics report was based on the data from open media sources and on the outcomes of the survey, which took part more 174 respondents from Russian and foreign companies - chief agrarians and C-suite executives from major holdings and greenhouse complexes, representatives of state authorities and regulatory agencies, suppliers of equipment and technologies, representatives of financial institutions, investors, project operators, advisors and independent experts of the market.


Vostock Capital is one of the leading providers of consulting and event management services focusing on international conferences, congresses, forums, exhibitions, summits and experience sharing programmes for the specialists of oil and gas, agroindustrial, IT and power engineering industries from Russia, CIS, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Company’s headquarter is located in Great Britain, with representative offices in Russia and Latin America.


Clich here to request the full analytics report.



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The report about Russian greenhouse industry
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