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Don Limón is seeking partners or employees for global innovative business model

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Don Limón, international fresh fruit producer, packer and importer, announced about the launch of a recruitment campaign to find professionals who wish to become the next 'Don' traders working within the company’s innovative, global platform.


Everyone with the ambition to develop small, commercial fruit sourcing and distribution offices worldwide can join Don Limón's culturally diverse team. The group is searching for produce experts from the local industry or successful traders who thrive off the spirit of collaboration.


Andreas Schindler, CEO and Co-Founder, Don Limón, shared: “We are looking for individuals with whom we can build a relationship of trust and respect to establish more business units worldwide. We can provide a platform for financing, administration and risk management, plus we are able to pass on valuable knowledge and experience to our employees.”


Don Limón is becoming more global every day. Over the past 13 years, the group has begun to create an international sourcing and distribution platform. Specialized in citrus, table grapes and sweet potatoes, the group operates multiple business units worldwide, each run by three to four professionals. Each unit independently manages specific products or regions, empowered by native speakers with local market knowledge.


The first independent sourcing and distribution office was opened in the USA during 2010, followed by Guatemala, India, and South Africa. The next unit will open in Egypt, and China is on the radar.


Our next office could be in the UK, France, Poland, Lithuania or even Brazil – we are wide open to suggestions!” added Mr. Schindler.


Don Limón is a family fresh produce business in the third generation. The group specializes in the production, packing and export of limes, citrus, table grapes and sweet potatoes worldwide. Don Limón also sources exotics, tropicals, and pomegranates.


More information about the group on their website.



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Don Limon Global Recruitment Campaign
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